Black Valley 2024 will be held at Blaker Samfunnshus, situated at Blakerveien 758, 1925 Blaker.

There will be a good amount of space for setting up your computers and working on entries (but still not unlimited, so don’t hog the seats), an area in front of the stage to watch compos, and a generous lounge area with couches, the info desk and a DJ booth for playing soothing music such as bossa nova between compos.

We have rented showers right next door so you can be fresh for the weekend. There is a huge parking lot for your cars (or campers or mobile homes?), as well as a nice grassy patch for anyone that wants to live the tent life.

In the same building there will be a sleeping hall for when you need to chill out.

Getting there 🔗

If you’re going by car, it’s pretty much a question of punching the address “Blakerveien 758, 1925 Blaker” into your GPS.

By public transportation, we recommend getting the train from Lillestrøm to Sørumsand Stasjon, and then a bus ride to the stop Bruvollen which is right at our doorstep. Alternatively, you can take the train all the way to Blaker Stasjon, which is a 5 minute car ride from the train station. From there, you could have friends onsite with a car pick you up, or you can book a taxi.

Since departure times for public transportation change from time to time, we recommend looking up departure and arrival times on beforehand.

Practical information 🔗

Entrance to Black Valley is on the opposite side of the building from the road. So not in front, but around back. This is also the location for parking all vehicles for our participants. We will mark off a small area for activities, the rest is free for parking.

If you bring a mobile home or camping wagon, you are welcome to, but be advised that we can NOT provide you with power or sanitary services.

Sleeping and tenting info 🔗

There will be a sleeping hall in a separate part of the building, where you can set up your mattresses and sleeping bags. This will be a dark and quiet room, where you should be able to grab a few winks between coding sessions.

There is also a nice big patch of green grass next to the building where you can set up tents if you wish, for that authentic democamping experience.

As mentioned above, showers are only a few meters away as well.

Area map 🔗

Here’s a little map of the area around the venue.